Excelling at Global Level

A recent study carried out by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) ranked the US 17th in an assessment of the education systems of 50 countries. These numbers are more troubling in Math an dScience where we slip to 29th and 22nd rank respectively. PTAA believes that our students should be competing and excelling at a global level, and should be prepared, challenged, and mentored at the same level.

PTAA – Best Education

PTAA’s curriculum is infused with technology and adheres to the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Digital Learning Standards (NETS-S, 2007). These include: Creativity and Innovation, Communication and Collaboration, Research and Information Fluency, Critical Thinking, Problem solving and Decision-Making, Digital Citizenship, Technology Operations and Concepts.

This begins with our K-5 program and scaffolds skills through Middle and High School where students enter the “PTECH” (Pathways in Technology Early College High School) experience.

PTAA – a Global Environment

The digital world has created a new challenge for today’s students – global economics. Students today are now competing for careers with students from around the world. At PTAA, we do not see the global environment as a challenge but as an opportunity. Through our STEAM curriculum and foreign exchange program, we are providing students with the knowledge and understanding to succeed in a global economy.

PTAA has partnerships with educational institutions in China, India, and Brazil. Through our partnerships and trilingual education at school (Spanish, Mandarin, and Coding) your student will have first-hand exposure to our global economy.

Why choose a Charter School?

What exactly is a charter school and why would you want to send your child to a charter school? Public charter schools are tuition-free, open-enrollment public schools that have the flexibility to adapt to the educational needs of individual students, while being held to strict state academic and financial accountability standards.

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Welcome to PTAA

Pioneer Technology & Arts Academy (PTAA) provides public school districts throughout the United States a unique, innovative, and tuition-free K-12 grade Charter School model. PTAA’s goal is to make education better, fun and enjoyable to our student; more enjoyable, structured, and professionally rewarding to our teachers; and more inclusive, collaborative, and supportive to our parents.

With our focused Engineering and Technology curriculum, PTAA is providing the best in education across all of our campuses, ensuring that all our graduates are poised to compete competitively in the global economy of the 21st Century.

As a parent, PTAA knows the education of your child is one of the most important decisions you will make, and our commitment to you and the community is providing the best educational environment, making your decision to enroll your student in a PTAA school, one of confidence. We hope once you have researched and analyzed your educational options, you will join our growing learning community. Refer to our Mission Statement to better understand our commitment to your student’s future.

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Why Choose us:

  • Tuition Free School
  • College Preparatory Focus
  • Well rounded education with Computer Programming and Engineering Focus
  • Multilingual classrooms: English, Spanish, and Mandarin
  • Leadership Foreign Exchange programs to Brazil, India, China (BRICS nation)
  • Grade Placement focused on aptitude and mastery
  • Small Class Sizes with low Student/Teacher Ratio
  • Dual credit enrollment college programs
  • High School internship programs
  • Nutrition Programs: Striving for healthy and sugar free campuses
  • Afterschool enrichment programs
  • Afterschool sports programs
  • PTECH Program
  • Swim program in all campuses